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Obesity in American Pets

Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced
Weight Solution contains a synergistic blend
of nutrients and ingredients that works to
change multiple pathways for more efficient energy metabolism.   


Heat Stroke in Pets:

What you Need to Know

Summer is officially here.

As the temperatures rise, our pets have an increased risk of developing heat stroke.  Heat stroke is a true emergency that requires immediate medical care. Follow the link below to read our articles to learn more about heat stroke, signs to look for, and how it can be prevented.

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How Old is your Pet, Really

Larger breed dogs tend to age more readily and have shorter life spans than smaller breed dogs. 

The health of your pet can change rapidly as he or she ages, and changes can go unnoticed.

Preventative medicine allows for early intervention and leads to a life time of good health for your beloved pet. 

URGENT: Manufacturers Have Started Adding a DEADLY Ingredient To Something Dogs Beg For!